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Hey there Muggle! I'm January, you can call mme "jannie" for short :)



Inlove ^^

I am a new born ARASHI fan and my ichiban is the ever gorgeous Matsumoto Jun, so you will probably find a lot of him here.. =D


I'm inlove with this man right here :)


All photos and/or posts are not mine unless otherwise stated.. ^^,


  • DESTINY ADDICTS - waiting for destiny to drop the “right one” outside their doors. They are too afraid to make the first move or too lazy to try and look for that someone. They leave everything to destiny for it knows the best. But as the movie Sassy Girl says, "DESTINY IS THE BRIDGE YOU BUILT TO THE ONE YOU LOVE"..You can never find the one if you’ll confine yourself in your house! Make a move, just try, then maybe destiny will be on your side, you will never know :)
  •  PERFECTIONIST - super choosy. One single flaw and your out of the list of his/her possible “right one”. Wants the all in one package kind of person. From good looks, to a rich vocabulary and high IQ to the wealthy pocket,the best attitude and character. Let’s keep in mind that “THERE IS NO PERFECT LOVE, THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE IT SOMEHOW PERFECT IS TO BE SATISFIED”. You yourself and you wouldn’t find someone who is.
  • BUSYBUSYHAN - the workaholic group. One who never has time for anything else but work work work. Forgets that there’s a whole world outside the four corners of his office. The kind whom you need an appointment to get them into a date then you’ll end up in business meeting instead.MONEY and SUCCESS isn’t everything darling. Sooner or later you’ll get tired of the solitude you are now enjoying. REMEMBER: Work won’t give you an offspring!
  • FRIENDSHIP THEORY - just friends, no more no less. That’s the finish line and people won’t be able to penetrate the “more-than-friends” state in any manner, it’s forbidden. Be careful honey, one day you’ll notice that you have a lot of friends but no immediate family. That would just be melancholic.
  • X to the NTH POWER - person who can’t get over with “the past”. Can’t get the X lover out of the system that’s why there would never be enough space for new love. After a year of no communication with the EX, still waiting, hoping and praying that one day they’ll meet again and boom! love will be all over them again. Disregards the other people pursuing him/her because he/she believes that THE EX would return in some future distant time. One thing darling : MOVE ON!!
  • FAMILY FEUD - super afraid of mom and dad. There’s nothing wrong with this though. HANDS UP!. This is a good reason to stay single :) I SALUTE YOU KIDDOS!. But make them trust you and then you’ll get the freedom you were yearning for ^______^
  • FOREVER BUSTED - Person whom no one ever says yes to. Always rejected, never accepted. This is painful, but then you’ll see the fruits of your effort before the world ends.Don’t lose hope. 
  • HEART ATTACK -People who are scared to death of pain. Too scared to take the chance. No courage to take the risks. No room for the mistakes in his/her system.C’mon, there is always a rainbow after the rain right? Just try, love and pain is a package, you can’t take LOVE without taking home PAIN :)
  • WAITER - waiting for someone who would never come. This actually synonymous with the X to the NTH POWER theory. Waiting for that person to love him/her back and never losing hope not realizing that they have been waiting for half a lifetime. It isn’t wrong to wait and hope for that someone to return the favor of loving you, but know when to retreat. Don’t torture yourself too much. Never choose someone who considers you as an option!
SOLITUDE is peaceful and safe. But let us not deprive ourselves the ability to LOVE and hinder others from LOVING us as well. It’s a great feeling when you are the part that completes someone’s LIFE and you find the part that completes you too. 

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